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Introducing TriSal, a full spectrum mineral liquid concentrate designed to enhance natural health and diet. Formulated with a blend of Himalayan Salt, Celtic Unrefined Sea Salt, and Volcanic Black lava Salt, this unique product is enriched with mineral-rich ingredients. In addition, TriSal is infused with added Fulvic acid and natural Sulphur compounds, making it an extremely hydrating solution. Not only does it help enable cellular uptake of fluid, but it also aids in the transport of electrons and ions within the body. Developed by Master Product Formulator, Derin Bepo, TriSal is the perfect addition to any health-conscious individual's diet and can easily be incorporated into food. Elevate your well-being with TriSal and experience the benefits of this exceptional natural health supplement. Simply add a few drops of TriSal to your food or beverage to experience the natural benefits of these powerful mineral salts


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