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Herbal Tampon

Benefits and directions for use

Main Ingredients:

Refined from Osthol, Stemona sessilifolia (Miq.)Miq, Kochiascoparia, motherwort,Rhizoma smilacis glabrae,Angelica,Rhizoma chuianxiong and borneol.









Herbal tampons

Women who have been diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes can find a natural cure through the use of herbal tampons.

Natural remedies have been used since the beginning of time, to help both men and women, herbs and ayurvedic medicine have been used including traditional Chinese medicine.

Nowadays, there are new intepretations for this cure, kinesiologists and various researchers have made use of technology in order to develop a new cure through herbal tampons.


How does it work?

A decoction of medicinal herbs have been infused inside the tampon, the herbs have active ingredients that work directly on the tissues around the pelvic organs.

When using the herbal tampons, a person can reduce the inflammation of the fallopian tubes, it can also kill infections, bacteria, viruses as well as yeast and fungus.

The herbs inside the tampons can also speed up the healing of the damaged fallopian tubes and can also soften and break up adhesions as well as areas of scar tissue.

The use of the tampons will help unblock the fallobian tubes, there are some individuals who also take organic herbal capsules in order to increase the effectiveness of the tampons, and to also increase the hcnaces of becoming fertile using a number of ways.

Other benefits will include balancing of progesterone, and estrogen to stabilize the mood of women including improvement of fertility, regulation of menstruation as well as ovulation.

It can also increase the sex drive of females who will use the tampons.

The herbal tampons are relatively safer to use because of the natural ingredients that are included in the mix.

Women who use the herbal tampons will also experience less stress and physical strain in the body.

If they want to experience better response, they can also try adding acupuncture and massage into the mix of health activities that they could do in order to lessen their health problems.



Suitable for these conditions:

1.      Abnormal vaginal discharge (Leucorrhea), vagina itching, Irregular menstruation, Menstrual pain.


2.      Endometritis,  Cervical Erosion,  Annex Inflammation,  Vagintis,  Pelvic Inflammation,  Yeast infection and other kinds of gynecological diseases.


3.  Ovarian Cysts, Uterine Fibroids and other uterus diseases.


4.  Melasma, dark spots, bad sexual life.


These tampons are manufactured for the purpose of treatment and as a preventive measure for the conditions mentioned above. The manufacturing process of tampons is based solely on the holistic ingredients of the traditional Chinese medicine that has been around for more than 5000 years.

There are a few dozens of Chinese herbs and other holistic components in these tampons that support proper female reproductive organs function and prevent the development of more serious gynecological ailments.  They do not contain any chemical additives and have passed more than 1000 clinical trials that confirmed the safety of the ingredients - they cause no side effects and are absolutely non-toxic.




Main changes after using tampons

First step:Generally,the tampon will be pulled out from vagina after 2-3 days later. you can see that the tampon is bigger than before. it adsorpts lots of toxins from vagina, vaginal itching, pain, odor and other gynecological symptoms were relieved.

Step two: erosion, thick secretions and bacteria adsorbed on the tampon were discharged continuously.urinary frequency,urgency were disappear gradually,leucorrhea was reduced and the odor disappeared.

Step three:  enhance the vaginal tissue metabolism,fast the healing of the vaginal and uterine wound caused by childbirth,abortion, and becomes smooth to restore the women’s vagina.Step Four: ovarian androgen secretion of hormones return to normal levels, regulating qi and blood, balance the endocrine,












Tampons cure uterine fibroids like follows






Recommendation for usage of the beautiful life Clean Point tampons:

• Use tampons for prevention of gynecological diseases

• Do not ingest tampons

• Avoid having sexual intercourse during treatment. In case you wish to have sexual intercourse, you must remove tampon, thoroughly rinse your vagina and wait 3 hours prior to having intercourse

• Recommended treatment is 6 tampons. In case of chronic diseases, you need to repeat treatment 2-3 times (12-18 tampons)

• In case of endometriosis and vaginal inflammation, you need to have 4 treatments (24 tampons) • In case of pelvic inflammatory disease, you need to have 5 treatments (30 tampons)

• In the absence of any acute/chronic gynecological diseases, use 2 tampons a month for preventive purposes

• After sexual intercourse you may use 1 tampon to eliminate risk of bacterial infection

• You may use tampons while traveling as a preventive measure against possible bacteria

• You may use tampons after swimming in a pool

• In case of abortion, it's recommended to use at least 3 tampons




Do not use tampons 4 days before the onset of menstruation and wait at least 3 days after your last day of menstruation before using a tampon

Do not use tampons during menstruation, or if you are pregnant or if you are a virgin

Avoid using tampons, if you are allergic to any ingredients of the tampon (see the ingredient listing above)

You may soak the tampon in a glass of water and use the liquid for douching.







1. Thoroughly wash your hands and open the pouch containing one tampon;    

2. Pull out the string of the tampon;

3. Insert the tampon inside vagina approximately 7 cm deep;

4. You must remove the tampon 2-3 days later;

5. One pill can be used for 3 days

6. Clean vagina with warm water

7. Insert next tampon 24 hours later after removing the first one;



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