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MAS stands for MAgnetic Systems - and was established over 25 years ago. The MAS Medical Team is headquartered in Leibnitz, Austria and their focus is to provide devices that generate frequencies and waveforms that utilize pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to support optimal health and wellness in humans and animals. The increasing public demand for alternative health therapies provides Grail Springs with much enthusiasm to incorporate the latest discoveries in energy medicine and technical innovations into our program and make it available to our purpose-driven guests.

What are the benefits of Pulsing Electromagnetic Field Therapy?
This system involves the stimulation of our body’s cells using variable frequencies and waveforms to promote a natural healing process. The field prepares your body to relax and sleep. When the pulsation is set from 8 to 14 Hertz, it encourages a deep feeling of wellbeing. Higher frequencies can reduce inflammation and pain, and also has been used at the Olympics to assist athletes in achieving high level performance.

Like electricity, magnetism is continuously maintained in our body by the presence of potassium, sodium and chlorine ions, and other magnetic materials. PEMF has been shown to regenerate the cells of body organs, nerves, muscles and other tissues that produce a bio-magnetic field. 

Where did PEMF therapy come from?

The technology is based upon research from the former Soviet Union. Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic border Austria and when these countries gained their independence, their scientific medical research and electronic devices became available to the western world.  The main body of research in frequency therapy began in 1952 at the Technical University of Munich in Germany when Professor Winfried Schumann mathematically predicted that the earth had a pulse, a resonant frequency of around 10 pulses per second.

Subsequent research on test subjects in Germany showed that if the earth’s natural magnetic resonant field was removed, our health would quickly deteriorate.  In an attempt to reverse that process, a frequency generator was utilized to introduce artificial magnetic fields into the test chamber and it was discovered that 7.83 hertz was the ideal artificial frequency to support life.  That frequency, 7.83 Hz is now known as the Schumann Resonance. This discovery, ignored by western medicine, was embraced by the Soviet Union. They decided to develop a healthcare system based upon an earlier form of electrotherapy that now utilizes frequencies for electric acupuncture and electromagnets. Like NASA, the Soviet space program provided citizens with medical breakthroughs that were used to keep the cosmonauts healthy in space.

Engineers at MAS decided to expand upon this early Soviet research to create a scientific medical device that was not only capable of creating a high intensity magnetic field using a 7.83 Hertz  frequency, but also had the versatility  to generate a wide range of frequencies AND waveforms at very high intensities. Years of scientific study reveal that our internal organs, muscles, nervous and circulatory systems respond quite differently to the complexities and combinations of frequencies, wave-forms and intensities of magnetic field therapy. 


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