DetoxSoap, Not a great name as it more than Detox Soap. Normally I am quite good at coming up with names for our products, so have been thinking anot changing it for years. but have not been able to come up with a nice catchy name for it, So Detox Soap it is.  If you used it love it and have a brainwave of a name do let us know! It may be the name when we rebrand lanch globally.   However it  a uniquely formulated blend of Skin cleansing and anti-ageing elements. 

The product is formulated to move the benefts into all of the 6 dermal skin layers.

Very Very Gentle! Babies love it, but a real deep cleanser. it is totally the best skin care product you will buy.   This soap has several unique aspect not found in any soap anywhere in the world.  The combination of oxygen elements, organic essential oils, sulper compounds and highly energised microclustered water in a pure Aloe base, derlivers a soothing, deep cleanse through all the 7 dermal layers of your skin membranes. The largest organ in the body.



Detox Soap -