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BrainBoost Rollon Unique Formulation asuprior formualtion of organic essential oils for optimsation of mood, memory brain function cognition, attention span.


Bacopa Oil

Sage Oil



This product delivers a energetic lift within 10 minutes.



Organic Oil blend with Proven efficacy to dilate blood vessels of cerebral hemispheres thus facilitating increased vascular activity and blood flow to the inner and cortex's, midbrain and and cerebral structures. The tangible and almost immediate impact is mood elevation, and a definite sense of being wide awake and alert.  Migraines abate quickly and memory and all powers powers of cognition are heightened. Can and often does increase loquacity.

A very important product for cases  vascular Dementia has taken hold and powers of  episodic memory and recall are fading.  Recommended for use with BrainBoost Tintcture.  My impact sleep if used after 7pm.


Recomnded for focus, heavy worload and repair of vascular deficits whuich results in reduced blood flow to the brain. Which is the No, 1 cause of Dementia and dcreaed brain energy and brain cell death.


Recomended to be used in conjunction with BrainBoost Formula and Sleep Annointing Oil

BrainBoost Roll On

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