Our Story

Our History, The Story, The Mission, The Future.


Derin Bepo is the developer of the world renowned HealthRestore Programme.

Derin was a child prodigy who ate books. 
His 1st Health enquiry was at 8 years old – “WHY DO WE HAVE TO AGE”? 

His next major question was at the age of 11: “IS IT POSSIBLE TO LIVE WITHOUT EATING MEAT”?


Many years later, Derin had an encounter with an African Elder & advanced practitioner of Botanical (Plant) Medicine. Derin had been directed to seek her help to resolve a very distressing health problem he was suffering with at the time. This Elder was able, in one glance and 3 seconds, to identify 3 dried herbs from a table of hundreds in front of her which were the precise remedy when boiled together and drunk twice daily.

The Problem was solved in two weeks. Pills and potions from Pharma had made zero impact and had actually made things worse.

Derin's next foundation question was:
"How could this Old lady with no 'education' solve my health problem?"


The answer to these questions were the basis that drove a seeking process of that still goes on today.

That quest has brought great knowledge and insight. As a result, Derin had no illness at all in the last 30 years since altering his lifestyle routine.

Derin spreads this knowledge and lives these truths. Live for as long as you can.
He specialises in many natural health disciplines: Detoxification, Herbal Medicine, Raw Food Nutrition, Plant Compound Extract, Fasting and Health Mentoring.

The programme was first developed over 20 years ago based on deep research and insight into the cause and the cure of health problems and challenges. This has helped thousands of people all over the world to not only resolve various levels of health problems from straight forward to very complex & incurable problems that not been resolved by other means.

Derin is extremely passionate about natural health, raw food nutrition,  anti-ageing and utilising the power & potency of herbs God's gifted to mankind.


Derin is a health motivator, health pioneer, researcher and avid promoter of natural lifestyle. Medicinal herbs and anti ageing lifestyle and processes.

HealthRestore has trained and launched many practitioners both in the UK and abroad in the +pure principles of natural healing. Via workshops, webinars, seminars classes and consultations, Derin has established a foundation of truth in natural healing. HealthRestore provides a vehicle to take into realm of super health and beyond with support and extensive knowledge and experience of the founder Derin Bepo.

(Explore & Engage with the secrets of Health Disciple ) + (Knowledge & Right action) = Amazing results.

Health, Energy, Life!