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Optimum Health Consultancy
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We Are Organic

The finest exotic, handpicked and chemical-free products available straight to you.


We Are

Mother Nature is our inspiration and source to a road of healing & body cleansing.


It's a
Life Style



We scan your body with our
in-house cutting edge technology for a better understanding.

Therapy Sessions
Our Approach

The HealthRestore methodology is both simple and profound; Assessment and consultation. In depth Bio-scan and diagnostics that will identify many important factors such as nutrient deficiencies, negative and positive foods, causes of sleep disturbances, causes of weight/body fat imbalances...

About Derin

Derin Bepo is the developer and pioneer of the world renowned HealthRestore Programme.

Derin was a child prodigy who delved in books and research. 


His 1st Health enquiry was at 8 years old ...

Our Technology

We use the latest advanced non-invasive technologies in our consultations for accurate analysis


Advanced Technology

We use ZYTO technology that relies upon an array of bio-communication principles and concepts that provide us with deeper insight, and information when making decisions related to health and wellness.

This process is safe and non-invasive to the human body, which means you do not feel any discomfort. 

More information
Three Generations

Understanding Scans

Scanning the body for biological and nutritional products is a key component of our consultations. Items that can be scanned for include supplements, essential oils, and skin-care products. Additionally, your body can also be scanned for its preference to foods, wellness services, and lifestyle options.

More information

Questions to ask yourself


Do you suffer with tiredness, ME, headaches, weight problems, thyroid, IBS, fibromyalgia, stress, skin conditions, or any other condition where conventional approaches haven’t been effective? 

Factors limiting the healthiest, energetic, best version of yourself.

  • What will my health be like 90 days from now?

  • What is your worst health Habit?

  • When was the last time you had no pain, fatigue or symptoms?

  • How many health books do you own?

  • When was the last time you fasted?

  • How much of your income goes into self-destruction?

  • How many phones in your bedroom

  • Do you own a Microwave? 

  • How many addictions do you have

  • How many chemicals are in you house right now?

  • How important is your health to you?

  • Do You Love yourself?

  • Do you have Written Health Goals?

  • Do you plan to live a long time?

Getting Help

Herbs Heal, Drugs Kill!


Did you know that the 3rd most common cause of death is Iatrogenesis? 
Death by medication or at the hand of a Doctor due to medical error. Don’t let the lies of perfected medical science keep you from your health vitality  and longevity


Trillions upon trillions of complex biochemical and biological processes are keeping you alive right now. Second by second without your knowledge or permission, your body performs miracles of order, balance and harmony. Everything you eat, drink, think, feel and allow into your environment is either bringing more balance and stability/coherence (order) to these processes or it is disrupting, limiting, deranging and disordering these processes.


...Have you been in the school of disorder or increasing order and health harmony?


Call me – let’s find out to your Total Health Breakthrough!


Consultation (costs) £150 |  2 Hour Full Consultation & Bio-Scans.


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Our Programme

A Better You.


Advanced scanning done in one minute, can generate 40 health reports detailing vitamin mineral profile, male/ female hormone balance, brain energy, bone density, skin status and much more.

Three Generations

I wanted to say many thanks for what was an informative and enlightening webinar the other week.  Amazing advice as usually Derrin and nice to see you continuing to do your light work and making it accessible to all.


Thankfully since coming to you guys several years ago, I have kept up with a healthy lifestyle often going through minor detox's and keeping free from meat.  You both have been a part of this journey for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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To register, please take the time to fill out the information below & continue to the message page next to explain your enquiry.

Tel:  0207 733 7077

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