HeathRestore Live Foods Seminar   

Saturday 17 March  07  11.am - 7.30pm

A day of Health information about Live Foods Principle Practice and Preperation.

.......and fun!!

Come and be blessed as you learn the hidden health secrets of the Healing Rejuvenating Power of LivingFood.

The main cause of the sickness, weakness, ageing, mental dysfunction and early death that is standard today is the habit of eating food that is not only nutritionally useless but also rendered toxic by the heat process called cooking.  The assumption and belief is that cooking somehow enhances food.  Absolutley not!

Lets live and live long and live good You will be sick if you have no respect for God's divine order(s)  Eat after the order of Eden -


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Throw away your cooker, then you'll be a real good looker
Switch off that  telly, no junk in your mind and belly
Eat all  raw- you'll run more
Fresh fruit is best - youll pass every health test
Throw away the Tango - just juice a Mango
Listen, pay attention - here's your redemption
Sickness is the curse- Say bye bye to the nurse
Don't die by the lies, advertisers hypnotise
it's Less drama to eat a Bananna
Eat live - believe me ,you'll thrive


Derin Bepo

Seminar Presenter and host

 7 years eating live  food

How young am I ? - Have a guess I might send you a free ticket if you get it  right!

........and no cheating just 'cos you know me




Derin is a specialist  in natural healing and rejuvenation, a health mentor and coach. He is a raw food specialist and runs, does intensive weight programmes on a diet of pure raw foods.  To say he is passionate about health is an understatement.  He has appeared on Tv, broadcasts on radio and conducted many presentations that have touched many peoples lives and imparted a passion for natural health.

As a health researcher he has over 25 years of experience.  He hates treachery of  the medical proffesion and the Pharma which keeps the sickness / death cycle rolling for profit.  Derin has developed a breakthrougth programme of health excellence called the  HealthRestore programme which  has helped many people to apply the true health dynamics to overcome serious health challenges obtain and maintain desired weight,  throw away all medication and reverse all signs  of ageing.  If you a doctor you probably best stay away.........on second thoughts maybe you should come

He will unleash the information and the motivation to get you to the next level and beyond regarding your health.  You can be  as healthy as you choos e to be Are you  ready?

Live Long Be Strong!




 Workshop Presenters:



Live Food Chef Teacher,Author of the Joy of Living Live,Entrepener,Broadcaster

Zakhah is a beautiful natural Sista with so  much to share - she juts radiates health and pure energy - come  and see what she eats to  get like that

Zakhah's book of Easy to prepare  but highly nutritious recipies will be on sale on the day



Audrey Rueben

Master Raw Food Chef and Teacher, Creator of Livefood specials such as Yam Cake, Raw Chips and  Carrot cake.   Come and hear Audrey's amazing story of Health  transformation and growth.  Come and see what she eats to get younger every year.



Albert Peter,

Master of the Live Cheescake, Chocolate cake and other sweeet but legal delights.  Take your tastebuds for a ride Albert will wow you with simple treats with a Yummyliscious taste.




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There will be a lot of pwerful information unleashed at this seminar !

Only the truth about health vitality and ageing will enable you remain  strong and and disease free in the midst of the health crisis that is engulfing the develoed world.

Doctors don't know about health, they are trained in disease.  On the 17th you will be able to meet and reason with people who have dedicated themselves to health.  Once you master the keys of Health you can live a lifetime  of healing and rejuvenation and bring this valuable information amd lifestyle toyour family and loved ones - why get sick and possibly die of ignorance?  Poisonous medications atre the main cause of death -  yes doctors kill people every day. Get pro active and be in charge of your health.


Programme For the Day:


11.am Registration

11.30 Seminar Presentation

1pm Questions Answers

1.30 Break - Snacks- view stalls-

2pm Workshops - Tastings

4pm Buffet - view stalls/shop relax- network/Social

7.30 Close


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160 Page Green Terrace

Seven Sisters




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