Evox Scan

Personal Development - Emotional and Mental Blocks Release 

Deep-rooted emotional roadblocks can keep you stuck in a pattern of physical and emotional disharmony, and unresolved emotional roadblocks often contribute to physical symptoms and cause people to repeat unwanted behaviours.

One of the fastest ways to blast through these roadblocks is Perception Reframing; changing the way we see things, like events, circumstances, other people, and ourselves.

EVOX uses the voice (VOX is Latin for voice) to map perception about specific topics like health, relationships, work or athletic performance; any aspect of life. It then analyses that map, called a Perception Index, and creates a playback information packet that the body uses to bring perception to the level of awareness and allow it to be reframed. EVOX is used to improve every aspect of human performance.  

The EVOX, is designed to facilitate perception reframing. Perception reframing is a technique that facilitates a different way to seeing a circumstance, an opportunity, a problem, or a relationship. The primary feedback comes from voice. The person speaks of any topic, for example, circumstances, opportunities, challenges, or relationships. The EVOX records the energy of the voice and plots it into what is called a Perception Index or PI. The PI gives the person a visual image of their perception as it pertains to the topic discussed.

Clinical experience has shown that most perceptions are static. Because perception creates reality, this means most realities are static. This becomes undesirable if the reality is dysfunctional in any way or less than optimal. For example, a golfer may approach the ball the same way every time and thus reach a performance plateau. At a conscious level he may learn better techniques, but at a subconscious level he is still bound by the perception he carries of his golf game, or of his ability to master it. His golf reality remains static.


How EVOX facilitates lasting changes:

  1. EVOX records a 10-second slice of your voice and displays it onto a computer as a Perception Index.
  2. Using a stimulus-response exchange called a biosurvey, EVOX selects the appropriate missing frequencies.
  3. EVOX plays these missing frequencies back to you as electromagnetic signatures, not as audible signals.
  4. Within minutes your voice shifts as a reflection of the shift (reframe) in perception. You’re able to see things in a new way, allowing you to leave behind subconscious roadblocks and negative emotional baggage.

Perception Reframing can positively impact any aspect of:

1. Personal Health

2. Interpersonal Relationships

3. Personal

EVOX can be helpful when dealing with issues like: 

  • Repeated, negative behavior

  • Weight problems

  • Addictions

  • Work or athletic performance

  • Post traumatic stress

  • Relationship problems

  • Chronic pain