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Take a Deeper Look Inside Your Body!

What is the EIS Bio Scanner?


The EIS System Scans the body in 3 minutes and displays on a computer screen the following interstitial parameters:

Modeling Organs, Glands and Body Segments: Colour Scaled to indicate the scale of risk.

Statistical Risk on: Respiratory, Digestive, Immune Function, Renal and Urogenital, Neuro Muscular, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Neurological, Metabolic General Functions of the body.

Tissue Bio-chemicals Values and Norms: iI, iR, iC, ipH, icpH, tVO2, tO2, tCO2, ATP

Microcirculation Values and Norms: Blood Pressure, Blood Viscosity, Interstitial Viscosity, iWater Content.

Oxidative Stress Estimation Graph: Interstitial ONOOH, NO, H2O2, O2-, OH-

Neurotransmitters Statistical Graph: iAcetylcho, iCatechol, iDopamin, iSerotonin

Biochemistry Statistical Graph: Triglycerides, iUrea, iUric Acid, iGlucose, iA.Q.

Davenport Diagram: Acidosis and Alkalosis: Metabolic, Respiratory, Interstitial Fluid

Ionogramme: iPh, iK+, iCa++, iMg, iCl-, iNa+, iFe++

Hormonal Values: iTSH, iFSH, iDHEA, iCortisol, iAldost, iAdrenoM, iTest, iInsulin, iPTH, iThyroid, iADH, iACTH

Body Composition Graphs: Poids, MM, MG, Eau T, MMus, Eau int, Eau ext

Suggested Scientific Diet: Prohibited foods, Recommended foods

Auricular Acupuncture Electroauriculogram: Neurofunctional Points on the Ear.

Based on over 60 years of research, the EIS System represents a dramatic advance in today‚Äôs non-invasive healthcare technology. Used by European doctors for over 5 years with clinical studies both in France and Russia, the EIS offers the licensed practitioner a functional view of the organs within the human body. With an 89% Sensitivity and 84% Specificity, the EIS may deliver repeatable reproducible results.

Measuring the body via 6 electrodes attached to the head, feet and hands, using a direct signal, allows for accurate measurements of the Interstitial Fluid within the body.

With no buffers (like protein in the blood), documented research has indicated a precise ability to gain an overview of organ cellular activity thorough the Interstitial Fluid.

EIS Scan before HealthRestore Programme


Client: Female 40+

Symptoms: Fatigue, weight gain, constipation, headaches, itching, high blood pressure, digestion problems, menstrual irregularities, bloating and pain



After HealthRestore Programme

Symptom free, scan indicates organs at high level of functionality. 

Client reported that she has lots of energy, has lost 2 stones in weight, her period lasts 3 days with no pain or bloating, bowel is moving regularly, she has normal blood pressure and has stopped taking medication, skin is glowing and she looks and feels 20 years younger!



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HealthRestore now use the the QBI Diagnostic Scan which enables us to give you a very comprehensive assesment of your Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid and Co.Enzyme profile. Vitamins tested include vitamin D and all the the B Complex vitamins.

We are also able to make an assessment of male and female hormonal status.

Other tests using Oberon Bio Scan can uncover hidden sub clinical diseases and infections linked to Lyme, Candida, Malaria, HIV, EB (Epstein Barr) Asperiligus, Mucour Racemous and Chlamydia.