"Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food." Hippocrates "The Father Of Medicine"

Live Foods and Healing Information

Cutting Edge information on the cleansing, healing and rejuvenating power of living foods.

What are Living Foods?

Do you know that all heat treated foods become molecularly altered foods that cause oxidative stress and are the prime causative factor in the degredation of human health and ageing syndromes.

Cooked foods are dead foods.
Raw foods are live foods.

The exponential increase of all disease profiles is relentless. And this despite 100 years of modern medicine and billions that have been spent on research. Just think about that for a minute!

Current medical health models, philosophies, paradigms and systems have failed, and failed abjectly.

Isn't it time you took your health into your own hands?

You can do this by understanding the three most important strategies for health and longevity.

Today, the leading cause of death is nutricide - people literally eat themselves to death, but here's the amazing thing; they are not aware they are doing it.

Contemporary understanding deems it normal to eat on a daily basis, food which has been heat-treated to become molecularly deranged, nutrient and enzyme depleted, and that there is no comeback or effect from daily consumption of same.

Beyond vitamins, minerals and other elements that we all know about, fresh natural foods in original format also contain a life (electron) principle or component.

This is essential for life process at the cell and DNA level.

On 5 May 2000 Karyn Calabrese long term Live Foodist, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. At the time of the show, she was 50 years old! 

Karyn is unequivocal living proof that a Live Foods diet is the ideal and the natural diet for ultimate health, vitality and rejuvenation.

The quantum potential in living foods to impact health is astounding

This page will contain more powerful information of the extreme benefits to humanity on how to eat to live.